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The French Winemaker

The French Winemaker was Antoine’s nickname during his various experiences out of France.

“After obtaining my engineer degree in oenology, I had only one thing in mind, to live great experiences by making wine around the world. Then, it’s in the so-called “New World” countries that I became “Antoine The French Winemaker”.

In those countries, “The French Winemaker” was like a title linked to the know-how, the creativity and the french enthusiasm for wine.

Flattered by this nickname, it was really important for me to be worthy of it. And so, thanks to an exceptionnal state of mind on a daily basis, I have remained from one country to another “Antoine The French Winemaker”. This mindset and attitude were positively reflected in the quality and consistency of my wines, which would later open to me the doors of the most beautiful french appellations like the Grands Crus Classés of Bordeaux.

I have since made from “Antoine The French Winemaker” my own brand of fine wine synonymous with know-how, creativity and enthusiasm.”

A graduate in 2010 of the renowned French School of Agronomy and Oenology, Antoine has had a wide range of experience as a winemaker in France and internationally.

First, he did his apprenticeship in the Beaujolais and Jura regions before leaving for the so-called “New World” countries to widen his experience. On his return to France, Antoine obtained his first positions of responsibility in the Rhone Valley at l’Hermitage, Côtes-Rôties and Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Then, it was in Bordeaux that he achieved the culmination of his professional experience as Oenologist and Ambassador at Château Pape Clément – Grand Cru Classé de Graves.

In order to share his vision and experiences with an international audience Antoine then chose to go his own way and created French Winemaker.

With a background of French training, Antoine completed his professional development through his very enriching experiences in the so-called “New World” countries. In North America, Australia and South Africa Antoine was able to diversify his skills and shake up some of his fundamentals.  This open-mindedness to the world has enabled Antoine to shape and modernise his vision of wine, which he shares today…


French Winemaker Spirit

A mood which conveys positive life energy, passion and sharing.

For Antoine, wine is a reflection of its terroir but also of its creator. Behind each wine, there is a man or a woman who expresses a unique history and know-how.

A relaxed elegance, humility and sharing with those who like to give meaning to their hobbies.

Know-how – Creativity – Enthusiasm

L'esprit French Winemaker Carte