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Antoine the French Winemaker

Creator of french winemaker

antoine fanjat the french winemaker

The French Winemaker was Antoine’s nickname during his various experiences outside of France.

“Despite obtaining my degree in Viticulture/Oenology, it was very difficult to find a first job as Cellar Master in France. Seeing the lack of opportunities, I decided to try my luck abroad. It was in the so-called “New World” countries that I became Antoine The French Winemaker.

In those countries, “The French Winemaker” was like a title, a sort of guarantee of quality, linked to the French expertise in wine. It implied an expertise, refinement and enthusiasm for wine.

Flattered by the nickname, it was really important to me to be worthy of it. And so, thanks to a positive outlook on life, to a strong code of conduct both at work and outside, I have remained “Antoine The French Winemaker”. This mindset and attitude were positively reflected in the quality and consistency of my wines, which would later open the doors of the most beautiful french appellations to me”.

Antoine The French Winemaker has thus become the trademark of quality wine, signature of Antoine Fanjat, creator of French Winemaker.

A graduate in 2010 of the renowned French School of Agronomy and Oenology, Antoine has had a wide range of experience as a winemaker in France and internationally.

First, he did his apprenticeship in the Beaujolais and Jura regions before leaving for the so-called “New World” countries to widen his experience. On his return to France, Antoine obtained his first positions of responsibility in the Rhone Valley at l’Hermitage, Côtes Rôties and Châteauneuf du Pape. Then, it was in Bordeaux that he achieved the culmination of his professional experience as Oenologist and Ambassador at Château Pape Clément – Grand Cru Classé de Graves.

In order to share his vision and experiences with an international audience Antoine then chose to go his own way, setting up the French Winemaker project.

With a background of French training, Antoine completed his professional development through his very enriching experiences in the so-called “New World” countries. In North America, Australia and South Africa Antoine was able to diversify his skills and shake up some of his fundamentals.  This open-mindedness to the world has enabled Antoine to shape and modernise his vision of wine, which he shares today…

barriques de vin
vin barriques
cuvée antoine fanjat
La cuvée

Great Bordeaux Wine

antoine fanjat the french winemaker

“Thanks to several years of experience in Bordeaux within the Grands Crus de Graves, I have naturally chosen this historic terroir for La Cuvée. I have blended this wine, selected from exceptional plots, with care and passion to offer it in a limited edition of only 3000 bottles, exclusively to The Community.

I will reveal all the secrets of La Cuvée to you during a tasting shared together at the FW Atelier.”

Limited Edition.

Exclusive to the FW Community.

A historical terroir

The Cuvée is produced on the famous Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée des Graves, this superior quality division of the Bordeaux vineyard. The high quality of the Graves wines comes from the composition of its soils (bearing the same name), an ideal microclimate and over 2000 years of know-how, making the Graves the oldest vineyard in Bordeaux.

The Cuvée is thus produced on the most historic of Bordeaux terroirs.

A traditional blend

For La Cuvée, I have chosen the most traditional of Bordeaux blends. Having inspired many winemakers, this blend of historic French grape varieties has been reproduced in many parts of the world. Nevertheless, it retains all its quintessence of Bordeaux and particularly of the Graves region.

The secrets of La Cuvée

Let me introduce you to La Cuvée during a shared tasting at the Workshop. I will reveal to you all the secrets that make it an exceptional wine…

Discover the secrets
éprouvette art assemblage

Create your very own cuvée !

Take part in the French Winemaker Workshop to discover the secrets of making great French wines. Antoine will guide you so that you can create, bottle and take away your own “cuvée”!

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