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Be French Winemaker - Bordeaux Grand Cru

Make your own Bordeaux Grand Cru wine !

Workshop – Be French Winemaker – Grand Cru de Bordeaux

2.950  s DPH

L’Atelier – Be French Winemaker – Grand Cru de Bordeaux

Bernard Magrez – Château Les Grands Chênes – Grands Vins Rouge de Bordeaux

City : Prague centre

Partner : Merlot d’Or

Address : Merlot d’Or – Branický pivovar – Údolní 114700 Prague 4 – Braník

Red Grape varieties : Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot

Time: From 6pm / 18 h

Duration : 2h30 – 3h

Presentation languages : English & Czech – Anglický & český

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Thanks to the Atelier Be French Winemaker – Grand Cru de Bordeaux – Château Les Grands Chênes, you will live a unique experience in your discovery and understanding of the great wines of Bordeaux.

This workshop will introduce you to the great wines of Bordeaux in an innovative, fun and creative way allowing you to create and leave with your own cuvée of Château Les Grands Chênes – Grand Cru de Bordeaux !


  • Welcoming wine, meeting with Antoine and presentation of French Winemaker
  • Introduction to the wine tasting by French Winemaker
  • Presentation and explanation of the terroir of Bordeaux
  • Blending guide – Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot
  • Spotlight on our French Winemaker partner: Bernard Magrez
  • Presentation and virtual tour of Château Les Grands Chênes !
  • Blending, Bottling and customization of your own Cuvée of Château Les Grands Chênes !
  • Wine Tasting of Château Les Grands Chênes and a selection of Bernard Magrez fine wines.

Event Details

Venue: Prague

Directions: Branický pivovar premisesÚdolní 1147 00 Prague 4 – Braník

Phone: +420725380633