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LA GRANDE CUVÉE – Bordeaux Classic

1.850  s DPH

City : Prague

Partner : Bacchus Vins et Champagnes

Address : Dejvická 396/32 160 00 Prague

Time : From 18h

Duration : 2h30

Languages : English & Czech

Appetizers & Refreshments: Yes


Origin of the wines: Bordeaux

Colour of the wines: red

Quality of the wines: AOC Bordeaux – AOC Bordeaux Grand Cru

Grape varieties : Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot

Tasting: Up to 12 glasses

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Thanks to the Workshop – La Grande Cuvée – Bordeaux Classic, you will discover and understand the wines from Bordeaux in an innovative, fun and creative way.

Through this quality wine workshop, you will literally step into the shoes of an oenologist, discover and understand the secrets of the Bordeaux Blend (important stage in the elaboration of the great bordeaux wines) and you will be able to create, personalize and take back home your own Bordeaux cuvée !


  • Introduction to the terroir of Bordeaux
  • Wine aromas game – discover the secrets of the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot grape varieties
  • Measure & taste different Bordeaux blends and choose your favorite one
  • Personalize and leave with a bottle of your own Bordeaux wine
  • Taste and guess the Bordeaux Blend of the mystery wine
  • Animated by Antoine Fanjat (french oenolog & french wine ambassador) in french, english or czech language

Event Details

Venue: Prague

Directions: Bacchus Vins et Champagne - Dejvická 396/32 160 00 Prague

Phone: +420725380633