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LA GRANDE VISITE - Pape Clément version (EN)

The incredible virtual tour of the Château Pape Clément !

LA GRANDE VISITE – Pape Clement version

3.250  s DPH

L’Atelier – LA GRANDE VISITE – Pape Clément version

Bernard Magrez – Château Pape Clément – Great Bordeaux Wine

Animator: Antoine

Location : Prague

Address : Bacchus Vins et Champagnes – Dejvická 396/32 160 00 Prague

Tasting: Welcoming wine – Château Pape Clément rouge + mysterious wine

Starting time : 18 h

Duration : 2h

Languages: English & Czech

Appetizers and refreshments: Oui


The incredible tour of Château Pape Clément

Thanks to the French Winemaker La Grande Visite workshop, I will guide you to make you discover the Château Pape Clément in an innovative, fun and playful way! Through this incredible virtual tour, I will make you discover the cellars, gardens and places of life of the Châteaux Pape Clément Grand Cru Classé and I will share with you the history and secrets of this exceptional castle of Bordeaux.

More than a visit, you will experience a real immersion !



  • Meeting with Antoine (oenologist and ambassador of Château Pape Clément) over a welcoming drink
  • Presentation of the history, the terroir and the winemaking secrets of Château Pape Clément.
  • Virtual tour of Château Pape Clément + animations with quizzes and puzzles.
  • Tasting of a selection of wines from Château Pape Clément (Château Pape Clément Grand Cru Classé)

Event Details

Venue: Praha, Tchéquie

Directions: Vinohradská 2828/151, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov, Tchéquie