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FW Spirit

Know-how / Creativity / Enthusiasm

L'esprit French Winemaker
L'esprit French Winemaker Atelier


“Over the last 15 years of discovering and making wine around the world, I have been lucky enough to meet some exceptional people who have really inspired me.

Of the winemakers I’ve worked with, all had real know-how, but some of them also had a remarkable mindset. Dynamic, generous and open-minded, these people managed to both enhance their own terroir and let their collaborators shine. Every year their positive life energy was reflected in their high quality wines.

Having had the opportunity to travel to many countries, I was able to see that French wines were recognized for their quality throughout the world and that wine lovers, connoisseurs or not, came from all walks of life. For some, these wines were not just a simple alcoholic beverage but a real source of culture, of emotions and encounters. For them, wine was a product that gave meaning to their leisure time, allowing them unique experiences.

Since then, I have come to understand that all these people, professionals and amateurs alike, share common values. Appreciating know-how, creativity and the art of living, these lovers of tradition, innovation and discovery were to be found in every country in the world. I understood that enthusiasm had no borders and that the best wines would allow me to continue meeting these inspiring people.


And so I created French Winemaker to share my know-how as well as to ensure that this positive mood, this philosophy and these values were represented by people, wines and experiences…”.

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French Winemaker Spirit

The French Winemaker mood conveys passion, motivation and positive life energy.

French Winemaker’s philosophy is based on the personification of the final product, that wine is the image of its creator, and that behind each wine there is a man or woman with a unique know-how and history.

A natural elegance and relaxed competence; humility, sociability and open-mindedness; someone who gives meaning to his or her leisure time.

Know-how / Creativity / Enthusiasm

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