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La Grande Visite

The incredible tour of Château Pape Clément !

About the workshop

Virtual tour of Château Pape Clément

Thanks to the French Winemaker La Grande Visite workshop, I will guide you to make you discover the Château Pape Clément in an innovative, fun and playful way! Through this incredible virtual tour, I will make you discover the cellars, gardens and places of life of the Châteaux Pape Clément Grand Cru Classé and I will share with you the history and secrets of this exceptional castle of Bordeaux.

As if you would be at the Château, this visit is concluded by a wine tasting selection from the Château Pape Clément.

Château et parc de jour paysage
Did you know it?

The soul of Pope Clement rests in a secret cellar of the castle… Let’s search and discover it together !

Le Gisant recadré

Discover the secrets of Château Pape Clément !

Through this workshop, you will also understand the specificities of the terroir of this Château as well as the different stages of elaboration of this great Bordeaux wine…

It’s your turn to put on your headset and experience La Grande Visite of Château Pape Clément !

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A workshop for all wine lovers

The French Winemaker workshop “La Grande Visite” is intended for all wine lovers (novices or confirmed) who wish to discover the great wines of Bordeaux in an innovative, fun and creative way !

Live the great wine experience !

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  • Price: From 1450 Kč to 2450 Kč
  • Duration: 2h
  • Capacity: 4 – 12 osob
  • Location: Center of Prague
  • Tasting: 5 wines


PROGRAM of the workshop "La Grande Visite"
  • Introduction to the Château Pape Clément and its history
  • Virtual tour of the winery and of the historical castle
  • Bordeaux wine aromas game
  • Tasting of quality bordeaux wines from Bernard Magrez producer (5 wines)
  • Animated by Antoine Fanjat (french oenolog & french wine ambassador) in french, english or czech language.

Choose your workshop version


Bernard Magrez Wine Tasting:

Crémant de Bordeaux – AOC Bordeaux white – AOC Blaye red – AOC Graves red – Âme de pape Clément red from Château Pape Clément Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé

(Finger food included)

Premium 2nd wine of Château Pape Clément

Bernard Magrez Wine Tasting:

Crémant de Bordeaux prestige – Âme de Pape Clément white – Âme de Pape clément red – Clémentin red – Château Pape Clément red Bordeaux Grand Cru classé

(Finger food included)

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